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Digging holes is really rucking hard, and the fact that the soil where I live is comprised of clay, making it hard and red, does not make it an easier. I just spent an hour digging a hole that wasn’t even a foot deep, wide, or long. 

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Fun tips and tricks for cosplaying at school!


  • Don’t.
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So I’m stupid and bought a prepaid Minecraft download code when I didn’t even need it in the first place. Apparently I already had an account with the download still available on it and for some reason I completely forgot about its existence. 

You want a free Minecraft download code for the PC? Then just like and reblog this as many times as you wish. I’ll use a number generator to randomly pick a winner.

  • You don’t have to be following me.
  • Have your ask box open. If I pick you and see that your ask box is closed I’m immediately picking someone else.
  • If I pick you and you don’t reply to my ask in 24 hours I’m picking someone else.
  • This is a Minecraft code for the PC. Not XBox, or PS3… PC. You need a Mojang account to input the code and activate it. You can easily create an account if you don’t have it; just go to the Minecraft website and register.

This giveaway ends at 6:00PM/18:00 [GMT +10] August 22 2014.

(otherwise if no one’s interested I’m going to 4chan and publicly post the code onto /v/)

You see this? This ends in 2 days.

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I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared

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Follow Tresviri, Royalty never dies.

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New device allows brain to bypass spinal cord, move paralyzed limbs

For the first time ever, a paralyzed man can move his fingers and hand with his own thoughts thanks to a new device. A 23-year-old quadriplegic is the first patient to use Neurobridge, an electronic neural bypass for spinal cord injuries that reconnects the brain directly to muscles, allowing voluntary and functional control of a paralyzed limb.

w h a t

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For some reason every time I’d get some formal or necessary picture done, I’d do as the camera person said and smile. Don’t know why exactly , but this time I decided fuck that shit, no. 

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